Oscar The Dog Presents: Slango & Enchango

by Freddy V-C

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Sitting there on your pink armchair Thinking every snack is for you I can see it your eyes, and I sympathise But honestly, almost none of the snacks are for you FOMO Every waking moment is FOMO, when you're a dog FOMO Every single thing that doesn't involve you, it's torture! I don't have any fear of missing out I just have a fear of missing Oscar I don't have any fear of missing out I just have a fear of missing my dog The big wide world is full of horror You might fall in a canal But I will be there to drag you out by your collar Or more likely, a passer by with stronger arms than me
Fox Shit 01:17
So there's this park It's got a golf course on it And loads of fox shit Mountains of fox shit You love to roll in fox shit You wanna get to know the fox shit There's nothing in this world that tops it And that's why all the other dogs sing "Oscar doesn't care about the trees He doesn't care about the summer breeze He doesn't care about the topiaries Fox shit is what he needs" And you know when you get home you'll have to have a bath And I know, I know, I know, that you won't like that But I suppose in a sense we're both the same Both men of simple pleasures, and the trade off's worth the pain (And all the other dogs sing...)
You made a friend From the other side of the fence You didn't know there was a hole And now you know there is a hole But that dog don't live next door That's why you've not met before And I don't know how to explain You won't see your friend again Not through that hole in the fence And I know it's hard You and that friend From the other side of the fence You shared a moment together, one that you should treasure You know you can't live in the past 'Cause that dog don't live next door... There's so many more dogs in the world And I hope you meet them all
It's Christmas morning And Dan's had a night shift, so she's back in bed You and me, we're walking To try and tire you out, because you're doing her head in We go a little bit further than normal We turn an unfamiliar corner And boom, you're gone, over the horizon, you little bastard Where's my dog? Where's my dog? Where the bloody hell is my idiot dog? You've got me shitting my pants You might have run to France by now It's Christmas morning And I'm stood in a field shouting out your name It's Christmas morning And just, well, Jesus Christ Where's my dog? Where the fuck's my dog? Where the bloody hell is my beautiful dog? You've got me shitting myself This can't be good for my health Where's my dog? It's Christmas morning And who do I see emerging from among the trees? It's Christmas morning You are a big wanker There he is There's my dog There's my stinking idiot little rascal dog You had me shitting my pants You had me shitting my pants There's my dog


Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe (Thank vocalist, Beige Palace guitarist, renaissance man) blesses us all with his first solo material since 2014. 'Oscar The Dog Presents: Slango & Enchango' is a whimsical collection of songs written about Freddy's dog, Oscar. Covering such diverse subject matter as "the time Oscar ran off on Christmas morning" and "the fact that Oscar loves to roll in fox shit". Truly an emotional roller coaster.

You might enjoy this if you like Pavement or the first Rentals album. All proceeds will go towards keeping CHUNK running post-lockdown.


released April 25, 2020

Written, performed*, recorded & mixed by Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe
Mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound
Artwork by Daniella Larking

*Guitar solo on 'Christmas Morning' by Glen Matthews


all rights reserved



Voice Of CHUNK Leeds, UK

CHUNK is a Leeds-based DIY practice space and music venue, best known for weirdo post-punk, psych rock and harsh noise.

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